Kolo it!

A new approach to your maps...
We offer plenty of free map tiles that you can use without signing.

All you need is to add `kolo.it` map script to your page.

No more javascript errors!

Just... copy/paste suggested html code
and we take care of javascript.

We allow you to precisely position the pin(s) and choose not just the zoom level but also exact map position.
Or this?:


Follow the instructions on this page

All the "tiles" (maps) that we offer with our service are OpenSource and hosted by the community.
Since we are not paying for hosting, we are not charging.

We do offer some non-free maps. For those you need to sign up on the service that's hosting them.

But, our code will always stay free.

Our https://kolo.it/v0.0.1/map.js contains:
  • Leaflet.js opensouce map script. https://unpkg.com/leaflet@1.9.4/dist/leaflet.js to be more precise.
  • domready.js
  • Leaflet.GoogleMutant.js to allow usage of GoogleMaps with Leaflet.js
  • Our own code that put's all that together and makes it easy to use.